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Our General Body Meeting for the 2010 fall semester was held on August 26th. MSA President, Omar Alsharif, presented MSA’s plans and goals for the semester. After the powerpoint presentation, we we had a couple of entertaining ice-breakers and broke our fast with delicious pizza :). From the turnout and interest shown by fellow MSAers, we’re anticipating a great semester (God-willing)!


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17 07 2008

We’re going to have Fast-A-Thon again this year at University of Florida, elhamdulelah, and we are looking for new speakers that haven’t spoken at UF yet. So i was wondering if you guys would give me a list of speakers that you previously had to see if we can welcome any of them here.
Jazakum Allah Khairan,

20 10 2008
Saad Ansari

Assalamu Alaykum,

You’re invited to join and contribute to The College Muslims Network, at seeks to help students on campuses around America find valuable resources regarding both Islam and college, and to encourage Muslims Students’ Associations and other Muslim youth groups to build an effective network to share ideas and plans.
Networking not only helps us develop better events individually and share intellectual property, but joint events also become possible, such as charities or synchronized movements for social justice. Our biggest project this year is the Sadaqa Social Justice Initiative, which all members of are highly encouraged to participate in.
We’re currently under extensive construction, and are looking for help from different Muslim groups across America. May Allah strengthen this project with their help and your help. You can support us in many ways, from simply linking to us on your own organization’s website, to becoming a strong advocate of the project, helping us manage and update the site, and rallying the Muslim youth to social justice causes. For more info, please browse the infant website at, check “Coming Soon and Help Needed”, or “Contact Us”, and register with our forum.
Insha Allah, this really has the potential to strengthen our community, and be a foundation for a lot of good on many different levels. We’re looking forward to hearing from you, and may Allah keep all of our intentions straight.
Jazak Allah,
Saad H. Ansari
Co-Director Islamic Relations Committee, UMich Muslim Students’ Association

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