About Us

The Muslim Student Association at the University of Tennessee serves to further the interests of and help Muslims here at the university. We hold various events on campus, with the aims of establishing a bridge of understanding between Muslims and non-Muslims. The association is an open group – everyone is invited to take part in events and activities. Meetings are usually held every Friday at 5:00 pm at the Annoor Mosque library (location subject to change).


If you want to know more or have any questions MSA-related, email us at msautk@gmail.com


3 responses

1 09 2008
Muwfa Albaraqi

Salam brothers and sister!

Ramadan Karim to all of you and all Muslims in the world. I am currently taking part time classes and working full time. In Sah Allh will participate on your activity.


15 09 2008

Wa’Alaikum Salam Muwfa!

If you have any questions or need any information, please let us know here on the blog!

28 10 2008
Camara .B. Rubadiri

Salaam Alaikum/Peace be with you. My name is Camara baba Rubadiri from Kazakhstan, Sinti. Iam 22 years old, a new converted Muslim facing intense persecution from fellow brothers, in my country a new convert from Christianity to Islam is an invitation for persecution.

Many Pastors had instigated my father that if he continues to let me stay under his roof with my Islamic faith, they threatened to burn down his house; this has triggered constant harassment from some of the villagers. To the extend my father attempted to shoot me but a neighbor’s intervention stopped him.

My dear People of Allah please pray for me that Almighty Allah will strengthen my faith in the face of persecution and Iam also praying that Allah will also use you and many others like you to bring many to Allah.

Most at times, our Christian neighbors strikes us by stopping us, the new convert from exchanging business transaction, we can buy and sell. Not even going to school.

Presently I have being force to live my own country (Kazakhstan) to the current country Iam now (The Republic of Benin) in order to shield myself from more of their harassment and persecution, persecution and lack of religious freedom is a common story in my country.

My dear brethrens in Islam, I am hereby seeking for help from you to start my life afresh, all I need to start up again is about a thousand U.S dollar (1,000 U.S dollar) i have being sleeping on the street. Your assistance will enable me secure a shelter and to set up a small business in order to earn here in The Republic of Benin.

Iam hoping and believing Allah for grace, Favors and boldness to hold firm to Allah and to Islam, hope to hear from you sooner.

Camara Baba Rubadiri.

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